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The Cure for Binding in Unusual Inserts!!!


Magazine Advertisers are fighting to get attention and differentiate their ads from all the clutter in the Publication.  There's no better way to get noticed in a Magazine, than to bind in Supplemental Booklets, Multi Page Inserts, and Posters into a Magazine using a Magna Strip or Bindery Hangar.

Magna Strips and Hangers allow your customized Insert to be bound securely into a Magazine, yet it can easily be peeled out of the book, without tearing fiber or ripping the Insert.  Magna Craft Strips are ribbons of tag stock applied with fugitive releasable adhesive.  The most common size is a 1"strip, 1/2"on, 1/2" off, short of the head and foot.

Let the Team at Premium Converting handle all the Details of your next Magna Stripping or Bindery Hanger project.  We have working relartionships with all of the major National Binding Plants and National Publishers.  We will pre-flight all the spec's for you and make your project a "Breeze".  Please call us to assist in your structural design, sizes, sample and pricing.

Please remember us for all your post press and tipping needs.  We are the premier company servicing the publication and commercial printing industry.

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